We have always prided ourselves in the standards of service and hygiene that we provide at Kidzone, and we are taking that up a notch …

  • staff have undergone comprehensive training on revised procedures and policies around mitigating the risks associated with CoVid-19
  • we have implemented a contactless booking and check in system for all Patrons, and increased the limit for contactless payment
  • we have increased cleaning of public areas and frequently touched surfaces (play frame / door handles / reception desk) using products which are effective in disinfecting all areas, and enhanced sanitation known as “fogging” using ULV Fogging disinfection treatment in high traffic areas, and the use of protective screens at the reception and café counters
  • there is sufficient supply of hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, paper towels and disinfectant throughout the Premises
  • there will be increased signage throughout the Premises detailing CoVid-19 prevention measures, good hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
  • we have reorganized our café and party areas to give more space between people
  • we have restricted the number of Patrons permitted on the premises and implemented strict scheduling protocols, and reduced the number of concurrent parties to 1

We ask that our customers do the same and follow the health authority and government guidelines regarding personal hygiene and Covid-19 to protect themselves

Most of all – we are still the go to place for fun that we always were, so …

Come to play or to party !